You finally have the home of your dreams…enough room for the family, landscaping, and a garage! You got a pretty good deal because there were a couple of “fixer-upper” things you knew you could take care of. The previous owner’s car had a leak that left stains on the floor, and at one point a can of paint had been toppled over.  It’s a garage, who cares?

You do! So, you’ve decided to get an Epoxy Floor. An excellent choice if we do say so!

But …you have questions.


What is the process?

The first question most people ask is, “How long will it take?”  Many imagine that there are a number of steps (there are), that require “time” in-between each step taking up several days. It might surprise you to know that in most cases it can be done in 1 day.  If you have a larger than a 2-car garage, then more.

First, after the area has been cleared, we come in with a grinder.  This sounds harsh, kind of like we’ll be jack-hammering out your garage floor, but it’s not as bad as that.  It’s actually a sander of sorts for the cement.  Like sanding down a piece of furniture before you paint it, it roughs up the surface and removes surface contaminants, like oil spills or paint, so the epoxy can adhere properly.

After that’s vacuumed up, we’ll fix minor divots or irregularities so the end result will be a smooth surface.  Then we will apply the epoxy floor.  If you have opted for one of our fabulous flaked enhancements, it is at this time that we apply that.  We thoroughly and evenly coat the floor in the flake finish of your choice…there are no gaps or thin-looking spots…and smooth that all down into the epoxy.

Last comes a coat of polyurethane to seal your flooring.  It contains a no-slip element so no Tom Cruise sock-sliding but a safe and beautiful new surface.


When Can I Put My Stuff Back?

Give it a day, then you can add your shelving and other lighter storage items back in.  This would be a great time to organize your garage, get rid of unnecessary items, or even have a sale to make a couple of bucks back. Show everyone your new epoxy floor (we love referrals!).  *Bling*

Give it at least 2 days before you park your cars back in there.  Enjoy!