How To Know Your Garage Floor Coating Will Last

How To Know Your Garage Floor Coating Will Last

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How To Know Your Garage Floor Coating Will Last

Epoxy floor coating is quite durable and can last for generations. With proper care and maintenance, you can improve its lifespan, however, one crucial aspect that could either make or break the floor is the appropriate installation of epoxy floor coating. In addition to that, other factors could determine whether the epoxy floor coating in your garage could serve for long or not. Let us discuss these factors in detail.

Inspection & Clean the floor

“Preparation can take you far.” When it comes to epoxy coating, it is essential to inspect the garage’s floor to figure out imperfections like cracks, stains, chipping, etc. Most DIY installers often blame their epoxy coating for not being smooth or adhered on the floor, because they don’t inspect the floors before installation causing epoxy floor coat separation sooner or later. To ensure your epoxy floor coating lasts, keep in mind that you remove all the dust, dirt, and debris from your garage’s floor.

Repair where needed

Once you are done with cleaning, the next important thing is to repair your concrete floor. It may sound hefty work, but you have to go through these steps if you want to enjoy the long-term benefits of epoxy floor coating. If you have cracks, joints, or separation on your garage’s floor, installing epoxy floor coating over these imperfections will not make it last longer and will also look ugly. Seal all the cracks and joints that could otherwise be a potential threat to epoxy coating. If you have an uneven garage surface, you will have to level it before proceeding with the coating installation. Using the diamond grinding technique is the last step in floor preparation. Diamond grinders restore the concrete and remove all the imperfections and contamination from the surface, making the epoxy coating bond well with the top layer and last long.

Quality of the product

You cannot overlook the quality of your epoxy coating and blame other aspects. To ensure you are getting a good quality epoxy coating, you can rely on professional help. However, if you want to carry out the process by yourself, make sure you are buying an epoxy with industrial-strength properties that will bond quickly with the concrete and take heavy impacts. Sure, you will have to dig deeper in your research, but it’s all worth it.

Getting professional help

Many DIY videos teach step-by-step installation of epoxy coating. However, you cannot beat experience. Hiring professional epoxy coating services can have various advantages. Here are a few of them:

1: Professional installers know their industry well, so they bring the most suitable solutions for your garage floor.

2: Professional epoxy installers take care of the preparation part, like inspection, cleaning, repairing, and diamond grinding.

3: You get a warranty against floor damages.

4: Hiring a professional contractor can save you time and money. Our team has years of experience, making us finish the work faster than the DIY approach. Moreover, you save a lot of money when you have experts to take care of your garage’s floor. They will provide a free estimate that could give you an idea about your expense, and you will spend accordingly. You don’t have this vision in the DIY approach, and you could spend unnecessarily.

Epic Epoxy Floors is a professional and reliable company that can give you the desired outcome for your garage’s floor. Call us to get a free estimate.

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