Maintaining An Epoxy Floor

Maintaining An Epoxy Floor

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Maintaining An Epoxy Floor

Epoxy flooring is a durable, resilient, versatile, and attractive floor coating that is used in many applications like homes, garages, warehouses, malls, hallways, and commercial buildings. Because the epoxy flooring is pretty tough and resists abrasion, industrial areas with high traffic and heavy tools & machinery invest a significant amount of money on these floorings.

These floors are becoming popular and a reliable flooring option that offers slip-resistant properties and lasts for decades. Though epoxy floors offer such enormous benefits, we can’t say they are 100% invincible. Without proper care and routine maintenance, you could limit the life of these floors. So, what needs to be done? Follow these easy epoxy flooring maintenance tricks and tips to enjoy long-lasting floors.

Keep the surface clean

Continuously dragging machines or heavy items could cause scratches and grit on the epoxy floor. If you don’t clean these imperfections soon, they could pile up and penetrate the epoxy coating causing damages. The best way to keep the floor clean is by using a vacuum with a brush attachment. You can choose the frequency of cleaning according to the activities that you do over the floor. High traffic floors experience more grit, dust, and scratches, so it is essential to clean such floors daily to ensure the floor’s longevity.

Prevent epoxy coat from damages

The epoxy floor is an application of multiple layers that exhibits durability and toughness. If you want these floors to last longer, ensure you protect them from damages. How? For instance, if you have an epoxy floor in your garage, you can place a thin mat below your machinery, equipment, tools, bike kickstand. You can also put a welding mat in your garage if you are into welding. Though the epoxy flooring resists scratches, there is no harm in taking precautions.

Remove hard stains quickly

Chemical spills, food droppings, liquid spills can stain the epoxy floor if left untreated. Sure, epoxy coatings are expected to resist stains, but you should not treat it as an experiment spot. When cleaning tough stains from the floor, make sure you use light detergent and water solution. Avoid chemicals that have citric acid as it has the potential to damage the coating. Using light scrubs is advisable to treat tough stains.

Avoid harsh cleaning agents to clean epoxy floors

One of the primary reasons people invest in epoxy flooring is the aesthetics it exhibits. However, a small mistake like using an abrasive cleaner on the floor to freshen the glossy shine could create a mess and damage the floor. In case you spill harsh liquid on your coating, using soft soap and water solution is more than enough to remove the stain. Stay away from cleaners that come with citric acid or vinegar. These chemicals are competent to remove the coating’s gloss and safety aggregate from the layer, eventually making the floor vulnerable to damages.

Routine maintenance check by professionals

One of the wisest decisions you can make to extend your epoxy’s flooring longevity is by hiring a professional contractor to inspect the floor and troubleshoot the issues. Epoxy floor experts will clean and polish the floor with the latest industrial chemicals. Also, they will educate you on how to further sustain the epoxy floor in the right way.

Need a professional to inspect your property for a quick maintenance run? Epic Epoxy Floors can provide friendly and reliable contractors with years of experience under their belt. Contact us; we are more than ready to serve your needs!
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