What Is Epoxy Flooring?

What Is Epoxy Flooring?

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What Is Epoxy Flooring?

Epoxy flooring is gaining popularity in residential, commercial, and industrial sectors; however, some people are not aware of this fantastic flooring. If you have been living under the rock and are curious to learn more about epoxy flooring, you are in the right place.

Epoxy flooring is nothing but an application of installing a unique floor material/ingredient over concrete surfaces. This material/ingredient is called epoxy, which is formed by mixing thick adhesives chemicals. The chemical reaction that has been done on the creating process makes the epoxy a hard plastic that could be installed over the concrete surface.

Unlike paint that dries, the epoxy resin cures, giving strength, toughness, and chemical and abrasion-resistant properties. Epoxy flooring can have multiple layers, which we refer to as epoxy coatings, and because epoxy flooring offers several advantages, it is popular in homes, hospitals, garages, commercial buildings, showrooms, and many industrial sectors. Here are some of the benefits that epoxy flooring offer:

Low price

Epoxy flooring may seem expensive, but it is pretty affordable for all estate owners. When we say it is reasonable, we mean the installation and material do not come at a high price.

Easy maintenance

Other floorings like concrete, wooden, tiles, carpets, etc., either depreciate quickly or require hefty maintenance. In the case of epoxy flooring, you do not require too much maintenance.

Resist impacts/durable

Epoxy flooring is an excellent investment for floors that experiences high traffic or heavy equipment draggings. Places like industries, hospitals, and garages install epoxy floorings to stay protected from damages, scratches, and abrasion.


The quality of being impermeable gives epoxy flooring stain-resistant quality. Any harsh chemicals won’t penetrate the epoxy coating, which makes the floor easy to clean. Moreover, if you install epoxy flooring in your cellar, you won’t have to worry about moisture or mold because epoxy flooring resists water to penetrate the layer.


Let’s face it; we want our home or business building to look attractive and alive. Adding various home decor can give you the looks you want, but what about the flooring? Epoxy floor coating comes with multiple designs like pattern, abstract art, 3D, sleek designs, custom designs, and whatnot. You get a glossy finish reflecting light falling from your room, making your liveable area a masterpiece. Commercial businesses also invest in epoxy flooring to stand out and promote their brand via epoxy coating designs.

Here is what installation of epoxy flooring usually looks like:

  1. Professional contractors will take a thorough inspection of your floor to find imperfections like cracks, joints, damages, or stains.
  2. If professionals find flaws on your floor, they will remove them with the help of a process called diamond grinding. This technique will take care of stains, tiny cracks, and damages to make the floor suitable for installing epoxy flooring.
  3. Once the floor is ready, experts will prepare the epoxy flooring on-site by mixing necessary chemicals.
  4. The finished compound is poured onto the concrete surface. Then the epoxy is applied evenly with a squeegee’s help. Applying little pressure with extensive tools on epoxy resin helps it seep into the concrete’s pores.
  5. After applying the first layer, the installer will bond your favorite decorative design with the latest installed epoxy resin. This step is to add the second layer of epoxy flooring.
  6. The third or finishing layer is where the installer will seal the second layer with an epoxy coating for durability, anti-slip, and stain-resisting properties.

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