4 Reasons Why To Not Carpet Your Finished Basement

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4 Reasons Why To Not Carpet Your Finished Basement

Having a basement means you have an extra storage space that you can turn into a liveable space. It is good to have an extra space in your house for emergency purposes like guest accommodation or creating a workspace for your art, etc. Decorating it with your favorite paint, wall stickers, and home decor are all acceptable applications to bring a dull room into life. However, what most people often neglect is the flooring of their basements, using heavy-duty carpets in their finished basements and regretting it afterward.

If you plan to install a brand new carpet that you saw in your favorite store, think again. Here are four reasons why installing a carpet in your basement is a bad idea. And what alternative option is preferable for basement floors.

1. Gets dirty and cause health issues

Let us begin with a simple reason why you should avoid installing a carpet in your basement. Carpets are the home for hundreds and thousands of different dust particles, including dust mites, dead skin cells, pet hair, dust, pet urine, mold, insect feces, droppings, mud from footwear, etc. Norovirus is a contagious virus that dwells in your clean-looking carpets and can survive there for months. This virus, along with bacteria and allergens, can cause serious health issues like eczema, asthma, stomach flu, and many allergic reactions.

2. Cleaning and Maintenance is not easy

Carpets require frequent cleaning to remove most of the dirt and debris. You will have to contact a professional cleaner for extra cleaning, resulting in only 98% cleaning. Even if you call for a professional service to clean your carpet, you will have to clean it at least thrice a month for optimum cleaning. Because you are calling for professional help regularly, you will have to spend a lot of money. Moreover, regular usage of shampoo, detergents, and other cleaning agents will depreciate your carpet.

3. It worsens allergies

If your family members are prone to any allergies, then installing a carpet is not intelligent. Carpets hold microscopic insects, dust mites, pollen, smoke dust, chemicals, bacteria, flecks of pet’s skin, and other small dust particles that could trigger allergic reactions. These tiny particles get activated when they are vacuumed or disrupted. Moreover, washing thick carpets will hold water for a long duration resulting in mold growth. Even if you don’t see mold growing, the musty smell will make your cellar the worst place of your entire house.

4. Not durable enough

Carpets are made out of synthetic materials that attract and hold germs & dust and, over time, causing wear and tear. Sandy soil on your footwear, dragging heavy items on the carpet, and regular washing with harsh substances are some of the most common ways you can shorten the lifespan of carpets.

The best alternative to install on your finished basement is epoxy flooring. This application is a solution that could solve all your carpet related problems. Epoxy flooring is durable, sturdy, and comes in various designs. It is a wise choice to install in the cellar because:
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