Top 5 Best Epoxy Floor Designs

Top 5 Best Epoxy Floor Designs

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Top 5 Best Epoxy Floor Designs

One of the most significant advantages that you can enjoy with epoxy flooring is unlimited styling and design options. Other flooring options like marble, wood, tile, granite, etc., have minimal design options, and they are not even functional compared to epoxy floors. With the help of cement and epoxy flooring coating, you can create limitless designs and pick one to make your floor unique. However, the endless design options can confuse many property owners. If you are one of them and don’t know what epoxy floor designs are the best, we have got you covered with five popular options. Check them out today!


Epoxy coating is a unique approach for elevating your floor’s aesthetics, but what if you pick an abstract art or design for your coating? With the help of epoxy floor coating, it is possible to create precise patterns and designs according to your color preference. Abstract patterns usually combine colors, unique gestures, shapes, and forms. Because they communicate a very subtle message of fun and warmth, they are popular in high traffic areas like malls, and museums, to sustain people’s engagement and promote their unique style or brand.

3D Design

If you want to project your creative side, you should get a 3D epoxy coating in your estate. The three-dimensional epoxy coating can last for about 15-20 years with proper care and maintenance. Because it adds aesthetics and functionality to the floor, it is becoming popular in shopping malls, offices, restaurants, and apartments. For homes, one of the most popular 3D designs is aquatic life. People install these designs in their bathroom and bedroom to enjoy a calming effect. With a glittering effect on your 3D epoxy coating, you can add more visuals to your room and make the picture come to life.


Geometric designs in your flooring are never going to get outdated. These designs combine bold patterns, solid bright colors, and lavish architecture that make your floor appealing to the eyes. Choosing the right color and pattern size according to the room’s overall dimensions is crucial to convey your purpose. One of the best things about using geometric pattern design as epoxy flooring is installing them in any application, as it works with your kitchen floor, living room, or bathroom, etc. Commercial and industrial sectors also use geometric design flooring to portray elegance, connection, organized characteristics, and much more.

Sleek Design

Some property owners like to take a minimalistic approach and choose designs that are not too attention-seeking but unique enough to get compliments. Sleek design floorings are the best options for such an approach. These floorings are primarily used in contemporary houses, office buildings, and restaurants. Many home mechanics and enthusiasts also like to invest in sleek design epoxy flooring for their garage as it gives a very professional look and functionality.

Custom Design

If geometric patterns or abstract art does not impress you for your flooring, you have the freedom to build custom flooring design. Custom epoxy floorings are the most popular floorings among mechanics to reinvent their garage. Many homeowners also like to create custom-designed epoxy floors for their children, with some installing an epoxy floor with their own logo on it, making it unique and unforgettable.

You can choose any of the ideas and designs mentioned above and ask professional contractors to execute the project. Epic Epoxy Floors has the most reliable and friendly contractors who will look into your dream art and give it life in no time. Contact us today to learn more.
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